1st Winter Program of ISJS successfully completed on January 7th, 2019 at Preksha Dhyan Academy, Koba-Patia, Gandhinagar Highway, Koba – 382009, Gujarat. The program began on December 28th, 2018. There were 20 participants from USA, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Singapore and India. These participants are undergraduate, graduate, PhD candidates, professors, faculty members, high school teachers and professionals who wish to have experiential Immersion in Jain philosophy and way of life.
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Through following programs ISJS offers an excellent proposal for overseas university students, staff and researchers as well as High school teachers to visit India in summer 2019 and learn the doctrine of Ahimsa (nonviolence) and Jainism to enhance ether overall wellness and knowledge.

  1. ISSJS.2019-4W (June 12–July 10, 2019): This four week program is designed to cater to the needs of undergraduate, graduate, degree holders, PhD Candidates, Professors and faculty in Religion, Philosophy, South Asian Studies and Anthropology and other related subjects (history, art, music, public health, bio-ethics, education, management etc.) who desire to learn about Jainism as a part of their higher education.
  2. ISSJS.2019-6W (June 12–July 21, 2019): This six week advanced program is designed for serious and motivated Graduate and PhD students, Post Doctoral scholars and full time teaching cum research faculty involved in religion, South Asian religions or studies and languages, anthropology, theology and allied subjects.
  3. ISSJS.2019-3W Prakrit Program (July 6–27, 2019): This three week new program design for serious scholars of Jainism, Buddhism and History of South Asian Religion with aim to make the participants understand Prakrit language and literature.
  4. ISSJS.2019-Teaching for Peace (July 7–28, 2019): This program is designed for teachers & educators who wish to integrate practical nonviolence into their lives, classrooms and schools.

Financial assistance is also available only for 6W program. Please visit www.isjs.in to apply online.
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Kindly promote these programs and enhance interest in academic studies of Jainism globally. ISJS look forward for your continuous support.


Prof. George James visited ISJS new office on 15th January, 2019 and had a meeting with Dr. Shugan Jain, Chairman of ISJS. Dr. James, Professor of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas, received his PhD in History and Philosophy of Religion from Columbia University in 1983. On Sept 1, 2017 he was appointed Bhagwan Adinath Professor of Jain Studies, the first chair in Jain Studies at the University of North Texas.

Mr. Bakul Matalia from New York, USA who has participated in 1st Winter Program of International School for Jain Studies in Ahmebadbad from 28th Dec, 2018 to 7th January, 2019 visited ISJS office and meet Chairman and other members of ISJS with his friend Mr. Kothari on 30th January, 2019.


The scholars, willing to contribute their unpublished articles/research papers for ISJS-Transactions, may send it through email. Experts and scholars on Jain Studies and Indic religions are also encouraged to register themselves as reviewers of articles for the publication. In case you are interested, you can send your credentials and area of specialization to us. You can also send us your suggestions for improving the Journal.
The recent issue (Oct-Dec, 2018) of ISJS-Transaction is available online Click here for the issue. You can read earlier editions at https://www.isjs.in/node/197
For more details you can write to us at: issjs.india@gmail.com or dr.snpandey1981@gmail.com


The 37th monthly lecture was organized on 13th January, 2019 at Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram, Defence Colony, Delhi. Dr. Shrinetra Pandey, Joint Director of ISJS, delivered an interesting talk on "Nature and Importance of True Guru in Jainism". On the basis of Ratnakarand Shravakachara of Acharya Samantabhadra and Tattvarthasutra of Umaswami he threw light on the characteristics of a Guru and then he told about the importance of Guru in our life.


  1. Call for Abstract: A Two day National Seminar on "Śramaṇa & Vedic Tradition During 3000-1000 BC" is being organize by International School for Jain Studies with likely partnership of The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute at Pune on 27th & 28th April, 2019. ISJS invites abstract from the scholars of this field. Kindly send your abstract by 28th February, 2019 to Coordinator at isjs.india@gmail.com; akhileshjain1956@gmail.com.
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  2. Sunday Lecture: In continuation of monthly lecture series by International School for Jain Studies, the next lecture will be on Sunday, 10th February, 2019. The Lecture will be delivered by Shri Arjun Jain on Svādhyāya Tapa at Acharya Sushilmuni Ashram. Click here for details.
  3. Lecture on Jain Culture and Religion in East and North-East India: Dr. Projit Kumar Palit, Professor of History, Assam University, Silchar delivered a scholarly lecture on Jain Culture and Religion in East and North-East India on 29th January, 2019 at the office of Shri Bharatvarshiya Digambar Jain Mahasabha, New Delhi


Prof. Kamal Chand Sogani, Director of Apabhraṃśa Sāhitya Academy, Jaipur got ĀCĀRYA NĀNEŚA SMṚTI SAMMĀNA for his contribution to Jainism and Prakrit & Apabhraṃśa literature on January 16th, 2019 at Shanta Devi Tarachand Badjatya Conference Hall. Click here for details.

Editors: Dr. Shrinetra Pandey & Mr. Sushil Jana

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