Homage to Prof. SR Bhatt

ISJS pays homage to Prof. Siddheshwar Rameshwar Bhatt who was a key faculty member and academic advisor of ISJS since the beginning. He passed away on May 18, 2024, at the age of 85.

Prof. Bhatt was an eminent philosopher and Sanskritist who held several prestigious positions during his academic career. Notably, he served as the Chairman of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research under the Government of India. Additionally, he was the Chairman of the Indian Philosophical Congress and the Asian-African Philosophy Congress. His expertise spanned various areas, including Ancient Indian Culture, Buddhism, Jainism, and Vedanta. Prof. Bhatt contributed significantly to Indian philosophy, logic, epistemology, ethics, value theory, philosophy of education, philosophy of religion, comparative religion, and social and political thought.

His scholarly work extended beyond India, as he delivered lectures in universities and research institutes across countries such as China, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Turkey, Germany, the United States, and Trinidad. His legacy continues to inspire scholars and students in the field of philosophy and Sanskrit studies.

He was a Member of the Board of Advisors and Regional Coordinator of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington D.C., USA, which has brought out more than 260 volumes on world cultures and civilizations. He has authored or edited more than 21 books and has more than 200 published research papers on different subjects including Jainism to his credit.

ISJS treasures the expertise of Prof. Bhatt and values his contribution to the field of philosophy and Jainism.

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