Dear Reader,

Jai Jinendra!

The International School for Jain Studies ‘ISJS’ has become synonymous with Jain and Prakrit studies. It was a proud moment for ISJS to confer the graduation upon the fellows of the fourth batch of the Bhagwan Mahavira Prakrit Fellowship (BMPF) program last Monday. Not only ISJS but also the participants marked it as a significant milestone in the journey of their scholarly exploration and academic excellence.

The feedback from the participants and their plans to contribute to the Prakrit scholarship resonated with the intention of the program underscoring its effectiveness.

Immersed in the rich heritage of Jainism, we are about to start the 19th International Summer School for Jain Studies ‘ISSJS’ and look forward to the new horizons in different parts of the world as participants from Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, and India prepare to join us from May 17 and indulge in the Jain studies.

We bid farewell to one chapter and open the next, knowing that the flame of Jain and Prakrit scholarship will shine brighter than ever.


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