Presentation by ISJS Faculty Member Pragya Jain at the Yoga Conference

Ms. Pragya Jain, Research Associate, ISJS presented her research at the virtual annual Yoga conference by Arihanta Institute. The topic of her presentation was Can AI Meditate: An Exploration into the Theory and Practice of Jainism’s Dharma Dhyana.

The objective of the paper was to bring out perspectivism in theory and application of mindfulness through concepts and methods related to meditation. Based on the discussion of dhyana in the 11th-century text Jnanarnava, the paper included the role and capacity of Artificial Intelligence to ‘imagine’ and ‘focus’ on the supplemented data.

The one-day event was organized on Saturday, April 20, 2024. A number of eminent and up-and-coming academics from the field of Yoga and Jain studies came together for this wonderful conference. There were about 19 speakers at the event.


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