Inter-collegiate Quiz Competition on Jain Art, Architecture, Heritage, and History by Deccan College

The Bhagwan Shitalnath Chair for Jain Archaeology, Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, Pune, funded by ISJS, organized an inter-collegiate quiz competition on Jain Art, Archaeology, Heritage, and History to commemorate the 2623rd Bhagwan Mahavir JanmaKalyanak as well as World Heritage Week.

The event took place on April 27, 2024,at Prof. S.M. Katre Hall, Department of AIHC and Archaeology, Deccan College, Pune.

The participants between 18 to 40 years old could register for the one-hour test which had 50 multiple-choice questions. About 130students from 52 different schools, colleges, and institutes participated in the competition and 40 participants came from various corners of Pune and surrounding cities such as Solapur, Sangali, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Amravati, and others to participate in the quiz.

The first prize went toAman Kumar, the second place was secured by Suhas Zambre, and the third rank was shared by Harleen Makkar and Amol Pawar. They received their prizes at the hands of Prof. Prasad Joshi, Pro-Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Shahida Ansari, Head of the Department of AIHC and Archaeology, Deccan College. All participants received a certificate of participation. Oshin Bamb, Research Fellow, Bhagwan Shitalnath Chair for Jain Archaeology, coordinated the complete program.


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