International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) offers an excellent proposal for overseas university students, staff and researchers as well as high school teachers to visit India in Summer 2022 and learn the doctrine of Ahimsa (nonviolence) and Jainism and their relevance in today’s lifestyle through various programs spread throughout the summer. These are the most popular annual programs of ISJS since its inception in 2005.
  • ISSJS.2022-3W (June16–July06, 2022 at Delhi & Pune): This three-week program is designed to cater to the needs of undergraduate, graduate, degree holders, PhD candidates, professors, and faculty in Religion, Philosophy, South Asian Studies, Anthropology and other related subjects (History, Art, Music, Public Health, Bioethics, Education, Management etc.) who desire to learn about Jainism as a part of their higher education.

  • ISSJS.2022-5W (June16–July20, 2022 at Delhi & Pune): This five-week advanced program is designed for serious and motivated graduate and PhD students, post-doctoral scholars and full-time teaching-cum-research faculty members involved in Religion, South Asian Religions or studies, languages, Anthropology, Theology and allied subjects.

  • ISSJS.2022-Teaching for Peace (July11–31, 2022 at Delhi, Jaipur, Jalgaon and Pune) for high school teachers & educators who wish to integrate practical nonviolence into their lives, classrooms and schools.
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Please note that this year the program will be conducted physically. Visit www.isjs.in for the the application process. Apply before February 15, 2022.

5% concessions available for those who apply before February 15, 2022. Special financial assistance is also available only for the 5W program. Please visit www.isjs.in to apply online.

Kindly promote these programs and enhance interest in academic studies of Jainism globally.
The Department of Religious Studies at the University of South Florida seeks to fill a 9-month, full-time open rank position with expertise in Jain studies at the main campus starting as early as August 8, 2022.

For the Bhagwan Padma Prabhu Endowed Professorship in Jain Studies, the area of specialization, theoretical and methodological approach, historical period, cultural framework, and geographical locus is open, with preference for specialization in contemporary global issues.

The University of South Florida is a high-impact global research university dedicated to student success.

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ISJS invites newly published books on Jainism for review. The book should not have been published before 2020. Authors/Editors/Publishers are requested to send two copies of the book (one for the reviewer and another for ISJS library). Only one book along with the review article on that can also be sent.

The books can be sent to:
The Editor,
C/o International School for Jain Studies
Firodia Hostel, 844, BMCC Road
Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411004 (MH)
An excellent opportunity for reputed scholars of history of Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and India (particularly Eastern India and Bihar) to submit their scholarly papers for an international symposium on "Dating Mahaviraswamy’s Nirvana" to be held in June 2022 at Navalveerayatan, Pune.

Last date for submission of abstracts is January 31, 2022.

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ISJS successfully completed its fourth 10-day International Winter School for Jain Studies (IWSJS) from December 28, 2021 to January 6, 2022. Due to COVID-19, the program was conducted online. Twenty-six (26) participants from USA, UK, Brazil, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, and India had enrolled in the program.

During these 10 days, the participants studied the basics of Jainism such as Introduction to Jainism, Placing Jainism in Indian Philosophy, History of Jainism, Metaphysics, and Karma Doctrine, Householder’s Conduct, Jain Values, Jain Yoga, Epistemology, Nonviolent food, Scientific Basis of Jain Dietary Practices, Jain Community, Jain Women and Jains as preserver of South Asian Literary Heritage. The program successfully ended on January 06, 2022 and a certificate of completion was presented to the participants.

Some feedbacks by participants:

“The course was far above my expectations. I had the opportunity to learn different aspects of a fascinating religion that I had only studied in passing. The lectures also gave me a lot to think about my attitude to life and reminded me of principles that had guided me in different phases of my existence but were dormant during the last professionally very demanding years. Thank you, the organizers and your team for this wonderful opportunity. I also appreciated very much being brought together with many intelligent minds from different parts of the world.”

~Prof. Frank Usarski, Brazil

“Sincere thanks to the organisers and IWSJS team which kindly offered and set up this precious opportunity to teach me every individual aspect of Jain tradition in past and now. I do wish to meet with you and attend more advanced lectures of Jainism in future.”

~Mr. Xiaoqiang Meng, Netherlands

“The ISJS Winter program is truly a unique experience. The staff leading the program were personable, which makes the whole thing less intimidating. Questions could be asked freely without the feeling of any judgment. The speakers always seemed interested in answering questions. The overall environment of the ISJS sessions I have been to has always been welcoming in terms of ideas for discussion and of new or old students for learning. The classes provided by ISJS have continuously felt like the known microcosm of the much larger picture of the universe of Jainism…”

~Mr. Scott Krause, USA

Department of Jainology of University of Madras, Chennai conducts an online lecture series on different topics of Jainism. In continuation of this series, Prof. Devkumar Chakravarty will deliver a lecture on “The Story of Seevaga Chintamani and Its Popularity in Ancient India & Panoramic Spectra of Seevaga Chintamani” virtually on Friday January 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM (IST).

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ISJS invites research papers for its upcoming issues of ISJS-Transactions. The journal is open for scholars/researchers/faculty members for their research papers on various aspects of Jainology, viz. philosophy, culture, religion, history, archaeology, art & architecture, science and many more. Research papers can be sent to info@isjs.in or snpandey@isjs.in.

Find guidelines before sending the abstract and research paper across.

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