International School for Jain Studies (ISJS), Pune successfully completed its 16th Summer Program (ISSJS.2021) on Jain Dharma from July 15 to August 4, 2021. This program was attended by 31 participants from the USA, Iraq, China, Tashkent, and India ranging from undergraduate students, postgraduate students, researchers, faculty members in different academic institutions to Jain professionals.

During these three-week summer program classes were conducted from Monday to Friday. Two or three lectures by different subject experts/scholars from India and abroad were delivered every day. So far, the participants have studied the basics of Jainism such as Introduction to Jainism, Place of Jainism in Indian Philosophy, History of Jainism, Jain Metaphysics, Fundamental Values, Daily Practices, Puja and Rituals, Householder Conduct, Origin and Development of Prakrit Language, Important Jain Texts, Jain Yoga, Art & Iconography, Jain Community, Diaspora, Women, Business Ethics, Nonviolent Food, Nonviolent Communication, Sallekhana and relevance of Jain values in today’s life. Due to Covid-19 the program was organized through online platform.

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