Dr. Shugan C Jain, Chairman International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) delivered a lecture on Righteous & Timeless Teaching philosophies of Jainism for Amity Institute of Education (Amity University) on May 6, 2020. Dr. Jain delivered this lecture through Webex to more than 200 graduate students pursuing education degrees at Amity University. The lecture was addressed to teaching philosophies for K-12 students based on Jain philosophy and methods used by Jain acharyas to their disciples and ISJS for their Teachers for Peace program. Dr. Jain highlighted the significance of teaching Jain values like Shrama (self-effort), Ahimsa, Anekant and Aparigraha in ensuring effective learning, motivation and discipline in the schools. He further emphasized the importance of Jain path of spiritual purification, experiential knowledge and adjusting the lessons to suit the temperament and knowledge level of the students. Click here for the poster.


ISJS had been assisting the four schools of Jain Shiksha Pracharak Society (JSPS), imparting education to over 2000 students coming from EWS community in Old Delhi, to enhance the delivery of education and introduce new teaching methods. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all the schools were shut down. So, ISJS started training the teachers in the use of Online Teaching using ZOOM and related tools like google form, google classroom etc. The teachers, students and the management of the schools and Society have experienced amazing results in using this technology to enhance teachers-students cooperation in learning and management-teachers getting to know the problems and expectations and areas for improvement. ISJS intends to use the summer vacation of schools to ensure serious engagement of students in completing their homework. Further, ISJS is working with teachers to develop a unified system of preparing lectures, delivering them to students, online teaching and problem solving, giving assignments to students and their submission by them for evaluation along with all administration system to ensure the above for records and verification.


A Free* and Unique Opportunity to Study Jainism in India this Winter Holiday. We are happy to announce that we are organizing the 3rd Winter Program on Jain Studies. Below are the brief details of the program:

Target Participants: Undergraduate students, graduate students, PhD candidates, Professors, and faculty members of universities abroad and India, High school teachers and Jain professionals who wish to have experiential Immersion in Jain philosophy and way of life.

Place: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) & Pune (Maharashtra), India.

Duration: December 28, 2020 - January 07, 2021. The program includes two days visit to famous Jain temples, monks, and institutions.

*Refundable security deposit: US$ 100 or it's equivalents in Indian Rupees by cheque in favour of International School for Jain Studies.

APPLY NOW AT WWW.ISJS.IN       Click here for the poster.


We are glad to inform you that International School for Jain Studies ‘ISJS’ had successfully published 10 issues of its Quarterly online research journal “ISJS-Transactions” from October-December 2017 to January-March 2020. These 10 issues of the journal cover various aspects of Jainology, i.e. philosophy, culture, religion, history, archaeology, art & architecture, science and many more. Some issues are dedicated for students only to promote scholarship while the others contain articles by experienced scholars. We are grateful to the contributors and readers of our journal for their regular contribution and support.

As we know, the entire world is facing an extraordinary crisis mankind has ever known. We feel Ahimsa, Self-restraint and strenuous penance preached by Lord Mahavira can guide us in enduring and minimizing the afflictions caused by a pandemic, particularly CoVID19 now and evolve lifestyle of peace and prosperity now and future. Keeping this fact in mind, ISJS has decided to bring out its next issue on “Pandemic and Jainism”.

We invite the unpublished original research papers on the topic. Research papers can be sent to us on issjs.india@gmail.com or dr.snpandey1981@gmail.com by June 15, 2020.

Earlier issues of the journal are available at www.isjs.in/isjs-transactions

To publish a paper in our journal, we need following things:
  1. Paper should be original and unpublished,
  2. An abstract of 250-350 words,
  3. In the paper, research should be discussed in detail,
  4. Bibliography of the cited sources,
  5. Proper referencing, for example:
    • If we cite something from a secondary (general) book, we need to provide: Name of the Author, Name of the Book, Publisher, Place of Publication, Year of Publication, Page no/s.
    • If we cite something from a primary source like Agamas or any other ancient book like Tattvarthasutra, Samayasara etc., we need to provide: Name of the text, Name/number of the chapter, Verse no/title of the subject.
  6. Paper should be start with some problem/s; aims and objective should be clear, dealt with literature review, and end with solution.


ISJS is compiling and preparing a database of Jain Scholars in India and aboard. The list is available at www.isjs.in/jain-scholars.

ISJS requests you to please help us to update the list. To add or modify the list, please email us at isjs.india@gmail.com with subject heading “Jain Scholar”. If you wish to add your/anyone’s name in the list, please send a brief bio alongwith email address for our record.
Editors: Dr. Shrinetra Pandey & Mr. Sushil Jana

E-mail: isjs.india@gmail.com ; Website: www.isjs.in

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