This year, some 36 students (likely to increase) from, USA, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Japan and Canada have enrolled for the five Summer Programs offered by the International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) starting from June 12 at Delhi. This year Jain studies group will travel to Shrimad Rajchandra Mission at Dharampur and Naval Veerayatan at Pune in place of Jaipur. This year ISJS also introduced a new course on Prakrit language for 3 weeks, during this 3 week participants will learn Prakrit grammar to proceed their study in Jainism on the basis of original Jain texts. This group will be in Delhi for few days and for remaining days in Jaipur. The Teaching for Peace and Yoga group will be in Delhi and Jaipur initially. Further, the Teaching for Peace group will visit Gandhi Research Foundation at Jalgaon and Naval Veerayatan at Pune, while Yoga group will visit Jain Vishwa Bharati at Ladnun. The ISJS Summer program is intended to provide students the opportunity to pursue Jain studies in India. The course includes daily lectures, travel to places of historical significance, interaction with Jain communities and participation in cultural activities.


Ms. Rachael Hammerlein visited ISJS office form 4th till13thMarch, 2019 and had meeting with Dr. Shugan C Jain, Chairman of ISJS. Ms. Hammerlein is an alumni of ISJS, she participated in UTTI (2018 summer) and Winter program (2018 winter). During her visit to ISJS she worked to promote TFP program for 2019 summer.

Buddhist Monk Ariyamagga Kleppe from Norway visited ISJS office and had meeting with Dr. Shugan Jain, Chairman and Dr. S.N. Pandey, Joint-Director of ISJS on 27th March, 2019. They discuss on the similarities of names like Gautam in both Buddhism and Jainism; events in the common area during Mahavir and Buddha's time.


The scholars, willing to contribute their unpublished articles/research papers for ISJS-Transactions, may send it through email. Experts and scholars on Jain Studies and Indic religions are also encouraged to register themselves as reviewers of articles for the publication. In case you are interested, you can send your credentials and area of specialization to us. You can also send us your suggestions for improving the Journal. The recent issue (Oct-Dec, 2018) of ISJS-Transaction is available online Click here for the issue. You can read earlier editions at https://www.isjs.in/node/197
For more details you can write to us at: issjs.india@gmail.com or dr.snpandey1981@gmail.com


  1. ICPR WORKSHOP ON ESSENCE OF SAMAYASĀRA: International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) is honoured to host a Seven days ICPR workshop on Essence of Samayasāra at its centre in Mangalayatan University Aligarh from May 25th till May 31st 2019. This is a residential workshop that will be conducted in English-Hindi in the serene ambience of Mangalayatan University. The workshop intends to engage the participants in deep study and contemplation of the subject. Participants who are inquisitive, attached to some university/college/research institute as post graduate/PhD scholars/post-doctoral fellows/faculty members, to learn about Jain concept of pure and bonded soul are encouraged to apply for attending the workshop at admission@isjs.in by April 30th 2019 latest. Travel from place of stay to Mangalayatan University and back, boarding lodging will be provided as per ICPR norms. It is essential that selected participants stay in the workshop for full seven days. A detailed brochure will be available on our website (www.isjs.in) very soon.
  2. Bhagwan Mahavir Fellowship on Prakrit Language for 1 year in India: ISJS in partnership with LMU and AIIS, seeks to train a cohort of North America Jain scholars to be well versed in Prakrit, the language of the Jain Agamas. Click here for details.
  3. Teacher Exchange Program: As part of its continuing program to impart training to high school teachers, in the use of nonviolence in schools, the International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) started Teaching for Peace Exchange / Sabbatical program in 2018. Now ISJS is looking for two teachers who have already attended one of our 3 weeks Teaching for Peace programs during the last seven years or are likely/planning to attend the same in 2019 summer. Click here for details.
  4. The 39th monthly lecture was organized on 17th March, 2019 at Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram, Defence Colony, Delhi. Dr. Shugan C Jain, Chairman of ISJS delivered talk on "Concept of Moksha in Jainism".


  1. National Seminar on Jain Philosophy, Culture and Heritage: Special Reference to Odisha: A two days national seminar on Jian Philosophy, Culture and Heritage: Special Reference to Odisha was organized by Jain Chair, Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with All India Digamber Jain Heritage Preservation Organization, New Delhi on 2nd - 3rd, March 2019. Dr. Akhilesh Jain and Dr. S.N. Pandey from ISJS presented papers in this seminar.Click here for detailed report.
  2. Jain Gnan Mandir in North America: To promote Jainism in North America, Dr. Sulekh C Jain and Dr. Nitin Shah are continuously trying their best to establish the Jain chairs/centers in colleges and universities in North America. Dr. Sulekh Jain is a former President of JAINA and founding member of ISJS, Dr. Nitin Shah is a former President of JCSC, ACC and is closely associated with ISJS. Click here for details.
  3. Interview of Dr. Pankaj Jain for the documentary on The Story of God with Morgan Freeman: Dr. Pankaj Jain, associate professor of philosophy and religion at the University of North Texas, USA was interviewed by Mr. Morgan Freeman in continuation of 3rd series of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. In this interview both Mr. Freeman and Dr. Jain, together will introduce Jainism to the audience of National Geographic Channel worldwide. This episode will be telecast on 9th April, 2019. Click here for details.

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